Check Your Quarters, You May Be Holding Onto A Fortune
I've been through many many quarters in my lifetime.  Mostly because I'm an 80s child and I've certainly dumped my fair share of quarters into the arcades.  Hey, I had Pac Man fever just like a lot of other people.  Chances are, I had a quarter in my pocket that could b…
Strange Items You Can Buy in Oneida County on EBay [PHOTOS]
You can find pretty much anything for sale on eBay. In fact, some people ONLY shop on eBay. With the online shopping website not all items are shipped. If you are close you can always pick your items up. There are some strange things for sale in Oneida County. Maybe you would have a use for the…
How To Find Cheap eBay Auctions Due To Misspellings
Looking to find a cheap eBay auction to bid on? People misspell a ton of things on the internet. When they do this on eBay, generally people don't see the items they are trying to sell. Being able to find those items, can make you own it for much cheaper than it's worth.
Naked eBay Yellow Dress Sequel – With Men?!?
Women aren't the only ones who make embarrassing mistakes.  First came a photo of a woman selling a yellow dress on eBay, with her naked reflection in the mirror.  The photo, unfortunately for the woman, has gone viral.  Now comes a picture of a woman's Big Frog ta…

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