Is it possible that Subway has been lying to us about the footlong subs? They haven't been lying saying they are delicious, because those things are truly amazing. They are lying about the size it appears. There's a pretty big outrage online right now that Subway's footlong really isn't a foot long. In viral pictures the subs only appear to be 11 inches.

These pictures started showing up online when a guy in Australia posted a photo of his footlong with a measuring tape on top, showing that it's very clearly and very exactly 11 inches. After that of course the internet has produced thousands of the same picture.

One theory of why the sub appears to be 11 inches is that the bread shrinks.

Some claiming to be in the know alleged that, contrary to popular belief, a toasted sub tends to shrink, whereas a cold sub maintains its full size.

The other theory: Subway has never had 12-inch bread to serve.

No official response from Subway yet. What do you think?

So the footlong is only 11inches... can we insert a "that's what she said" joke here?



[via Gawker]