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Everything You Need to Know About The 2016-17 Flu Season
Anyone who has ever had the flu knows how miserable that experience is. From the common flu, to the Swine Flu of a few years back the symptoms are crippling. Commonly fatigue, nausea, the chills, and body aches accompany the influenza virus. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to avoid catching this c…
What Is Radon? Is It Slowly Poisoning Your Family?
Does your home have radon in it? Have you ever heard of radon? Well, it's a pretty serious problem to have and in most cases goes undetected in many households. If this toxic gas is in your home, immediate action is required. This gas is known to cause lung cancer.
The Reason You Have Bad Breath and How to Fix It
One of the worst qualities a person can have is bad breath. Bad breath usually comes in the morning and after meals, which is normal, but if you have constant bad breath there is a reason for it and you need to consider making a few changes to prevent it.
Tips To Prevent Frostbite In The Frigid Temperatures
It's February in Central New York and that means subzero temperatures. These low temps combined with the wind chill brings huge potential for frostbite and nobody wants that! The Mayo Clinic released a list of ways to prevent this horribly painful condition and it's so important …
Flu Shot Season Is Underway
As I drive around the Utica-Rome area, I notice that just about every pharmacy and drug store has a sign outside promoting "flu shots." Now that fall has arrived, many of us are thinking about flu vaccinations to prepare for the upcoming flu season. But, who should get flu shots?
Prevent Frostbite In Extreme Cold Weather
Recently, we shared information about hypothermia, and how to prevent it. With many of you working outside in this frigid weather, another concern is frostbite. Here's a closer look at frostbite and how to prevent it.
What Would You Do If You Forgot Your Phone? Do We Overuse Them?
In these smartphone saturated times, maybe it's hard to imagine life without your phone or without the internet for that matter... I'm admittedly one of those people and although I've gotten better in recent years with how glued to my phone I am, I could still improve for sure. Watch …
Why Morning Sex Is The Best Sex
Every morning you need to wake up to get to work and start your day. It can become a very boring routine  Want to switch it up in time for Valentines day? How about adding some morning sex to the mix? Here's reasons why morning sex is the best sex for your health, and for your total w…

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