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Top Halloween Health Hazards
You've probably followed the same Halloween safety tips since the first time you went trick-or-treating: don't go out alone, take a flashlight and don't go overboard on candy. We have a few you may have forgotten.
Fish Oil Has No Heart Health Benefit
Do you take Fish Oil on a daily basis? Are you sick of choking down those big, disgusting fish oil supplements every day single day? Well if you were only taking them because you thought they gave you some sort of heart benefit, you can not flush them down the drain. A new study has found that fish …
Coffee Drinkers Live Longer
Of course this morning driving in I was lucky enough to have a mug of coffee, and of course, spill it all over myself. It made a mess, and life goes on. I love when people always tell you how bad coffee is. Guess what? You’re wrong my friends.
Sugar Is Making You Stupid
We all know that sugar can make you fat. But we eat it anyway because it’s really good.
So what if we were to tell you sugar can also make you dumb? Would you put down your Big Gulp and step away from your Snickers?
Coffee Drinkers Suffer Withdrawal Symptoms
Maybe you’re experiencing an increased appetite, your gaining weight fast, and you’re unable to concentrate. You’re experiencing depression and your mood is pretty poor. You’re restless and suffering from extreme anxiety. Is it drug wit…
Workouts Women Love That Men Hate
If you're sporting a bad beer belly, it might be time to push the panic button and do what you can to get in shape. Why? Summer is around the corner. Now manly workouts like running and lifting weights are fine, but there are some classes geared toward women that guys really need to stay away f…

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