chip douglas

Can You Tell When Someone Is Feeding You A Line?
Some people just believe anything you tell them and some people are really good at giving out BS.  You've seen these guys.  Unless you're horribly gullible, you've probably developed a decent B.S. RADAR.
Don’t Touch That Dial…For Real!
You know, when you hear me say “Keep it right here”, that is just a simple request…you don’t have to really “keep it right here”.  But apparently in some areas, “Don’t touch that dial&CloseCurly…
Look Out, It’s National Sourpuss Day
Yes, we all have them in our places of work, but don't waste your time trying to tell one to cheer up.  To quote the late John Candy, you would have an easier time playing pick-up sticks with your butt cheeks.
According To Kids, Halloween Is Now
When the leaves start to change colors and fall from the trees, the weather becomes cooler, the switch is made from t-shirts and cargo shorts to jeans and hoodies.  This is when the kids know that Halloween is not far off.