Yes, we all have them in our places of work, but don't waste your time trying to tell one to cheer up.  To quote the late John Candy, you would have an easier time playing pick-up sticks with your butt cheeks.  Studies have shown that grouches are born that way.  Studies revealal that grumpy people's brains are wired to make them more cantankerous than others. The villain is a postage stamp-size portion of the brain about an inch or two behind the right eye called the ventromedial prefrontal cortex. The more activity in that area, the more likely a person is to be a sourpuss. It's also a part of the brain that controls sweating, stomach acidity, heart rate and other physical feelings associated with stress and bad moods. Those symptoms alone are enough to put someone in a bad mood.  Do you know a sourpuss where you work?  If not, maybe it's you!  Look at it this way, it is hump-day so the weekend is just at the bottom of that hill.  Have a great day and try not to celebrate this National Sourpuss Day too hard.