You've probably already seen Halloween items in the stores this summer, and now  Octoberfest beers are arriving in August. Specifically, Samuel Adams/The Boston Beer Company Octoberfest Beer is now on central New York store shelves.

Here's a description of Samuel Adams Octoberfest that's already here this summer, according to

"In 1810, the Oktoberfest tradition was born when Munich celebrated the Crown Prince’s wedding with a special beer and 16 day party. Our version of this classic style blends hearty malts for a deep, smooth flavor with notes of caramel creating a brew that’s perfect for the season, or whatever you’re celebrating."

HOP VARIETIES - Tettnang Tettnanger, Hallertau Mittelfrueh

MALT VARIETIES - Samuel Adams two-row pale malt blend, Munich-10, Samuel Adams Octoberfest malt, and Caramel 60

YEAST STRAIN - Bottom-fermenting Lager

COLOR - Deep red amber, SRM: 20

ALC. BY VOL/WT 5.3% ABV - 4.1% ABW


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