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Have ‘A Brew Christmas’ With Beer Stuff
From time to time, you hear me talking about various beer gadgets on your "Beer Break At Work", weekdays at 3:20 p.m. (where you can win great prizes)! And now, you can shop for the hop head on your Christmas list with these must-have beer items.
Check Out ‘Best Bars In America’ On Esquire [VIDEO]
To prepare for your "Beer Break At Work" on 96.1 WODZ weekdays at 3:20 p.m., I often do reasearch on the subject. Sometimes I get ideas by watching "Best Bars In America" on the Esquire Network. Actually, I seldom get ideas from this show, but the two guys hosting…
Watch New Saranac TV Comercial [VIDEO]
As a former tour guide at the F.X. Matt Brewery, I keep in touch with the brewery and they keep in touch with me. Recently, I received word from my friends at the brewery that they just produced a new TV commercial that will be airing this week.
Budweiser Gives Clydesdales The Holidays Off [VIDEO]
I'm a sentimental softy when it comes to the holidays, and I love the classic Christmas TV commercials. It always felt like the holiday season when those Clydesdales would be pulling the sleigh on a snowy night in the classic Budweiser TV commercials, but apparently the ponies have been given C…

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