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Sam Adams Thinks It’s October
You've probably already seen Halloween items in the stores this summer, and now  Octoberfest beers are arriving in August. Specifically, Samuel Adams/The Boston Beer Company Octoberfest Beer is now on central New York store shelves.
What’s The Worst Post-Workout Beer To Drink?
We've been the ones to tell you for weeks that drinking beer after a workout is a good idea. However, not all beers are created equally. Some beers would cause disaster if you drank them after a workout. What's the worst drink to have during a post-workout?
How To Make Pizza Using Beer For The Dough
I'm not much of a cook but I do know that the secret to a good pizza comes from the dough. If you don't add the proper water, the dough won't taste right. What if you don't have the right water to use? What can you use? How about an ice cold beer! Today's beer break learn ho…