Honestly I’ve never been a big Mark Sanchez fan. We always put so much hope into him, and he crushes our dreams. Last weekend against the Bills we thought he played great. My respect level grew a little, but now it’s back at an all time low. The Jets seemed great at the start of the game. It looked like we may grab another win under our belt thanks to Mark Sanchez. He was going 4-for-5 for 80 yards and grabbed a touchdown at the start of the game. However, it went downhill after that.

Sanchez's stat line is certainly unimpressive: 10-for-27 passing for 138 yards and a touchdown indicated a tough day for him, but a handful of drops by his receivers skew those numbers.”

So Mark Sanchez isn’t the entire reason we failed. How about our running game, or lack there of one.Wide receiver Santonio Holmes dropped a pair of passes after catching a touchdown pass on the opening drive.  Running back Shonn Greene picked up 23 yards on 11 carries, and finally Bilal Powell picked up 33 yards on nine carries.

The Jets have to work quickly to build off their struggles and get back to what was working offensively.”

Hopefully we can grab a nice win over the Dolphins this Sunday.


[via Bleacher Report]