Rex Ryan got a cosmetic touch-up of that notorious tattoo on his arm while in Arizona for Super Bowl 49 this week.

The former Jets' head man has had the 'tat' for several years. It's Rex's wife, wearing nothing but a green No.6 jersey - in other words, a Mark Sanchez Jets jersey.

The Wall Street Journal reports Rex, now calling the shots for the Buffalo Bills, had the colors changed from green to blue. There is still a No.6 on the uniform. Rex has appropriately updated his wardrobe as well, reports:

The coach also rid himself of almost all his Jets apparel. That included the black sweater vests he superstitiously wore almost every game, pieces of Jets lore that each could be worth as much as $1,000, according to collectibles-dealer Heritage Auctions.

Unclear is the current whereabouts of the sweater vests. Mr. Ryan said his wife donated all his Jets gear to the Salvation Army in suburban New Jersey, where thrift-store shoppers might have unknowingly bought clothes once worn by the popular coach.