It looks like Farrah Abraham posed for some uncensored topless photos on a beach. Here's the pics to prove it from TMZ.



It looks like Farrah had these photos taken in Malibu on Tuesday (6/18). She went completely topless, but not totally naked/nude like in "Backdoor Teen Mom Superstar".

According to OpposingViews, this is not the first beach shoot Abraham has done. However, this is the first where she posed topless. Is she looking to jump into Playboy soon? Seems like it...

“I probably would do Playboy, but keep it classic and feminine," Abraham told back in May. "I think I would be open to that. I am focusing on my restaurant endeavors and modeling and the same things I’ve always done. Maybe doing more books, and maybe a fitness video and those things i’m working on. I’m just being me. I am thinking about writing more music, but way different to what I have done in the past. Like maybe more light hearted and not so serious.”

More details on where to find these pics soon.