As you already know, men might not like emotional stuff. Do you really expect us to watch a love story with Vampires? Forget about it! But men do love business.

So bring a few boardroom strategies home and see if it can strengthen your relationship! Here’s a few from Yahoo Shine:

  • Know your VIPs- What's the TOP stuff you want/need from your partner; write down the top 5 and conduct their annual review based on those.
  • Think four-to-one- The "magic formula," according to Scott Blanchard, EVP at a top leadership development firm, is to deliver four positive messages for every negative one. The compliment sandwich as I call it!
  • Conduct a 360-degree review- These reviews aren't just done by supervisors, but instead colleagues, clients, etc. Would the kids' review be a good one?
  • Win the client- You take important clients out, right? Take turns winning each other over.

What are some business strategies you attempt in your marriage?(Relationship Advice)