Jon Bon Jovi has cut a European promo trip short to return to the U.S and be with his family after Sandy. He was overseas promoting “Bon Jovi's 2013 tour”. Now the singer is back in the states to help out. 

Jon Bon tells London's Daily Mail:

"I really need to get back home, having spoken to my wife and kids, who are stuck in New York. I need to be with my people. Thankfully my family are safe."

Bon Jovi also joined the lineup of artists performing on NBC's Sandy telethon Friday night. He adds that he's going to get his foundation in action to help those devastated in his home state.

"I am committed to my Soul Foundation and Soul Kitchen Restaurant, which a lot of people rely on for their food. I need to find a generator and get that working. What can I do -- I have to get there and find out. We take care of each other, that’s what we do in our town."

What a great guy.

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