As if dating wasn't tough enough for any of us, much less those that are in the spotlight like Britney Spears, well actually she melted under that brightness. Apparently her latest boyfriend, David Lucado was made to go through a background check and signed a confidentiality agreement in order to date Britney, but who made him do it? How bout none other than her overbearing dad, Jamie.


Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

She's come a long way since her days in the Mickey Mouse Club and her rather innocent debut album cover shot, or should I say she's dropped a long way. As a young teenage boy I was enamored by the new girl in the schoolgirl outfit dancing in her first music video, but now in my 30's I could really care less. But in her defense like many child stars before her that have come out of the oven undercooked, it's not entirely her fault. Almost ever story of crumbling celebs can be traced back to parents who have a vice-grip on their kids and always fly in a holding pattern above their heads, even in adulthood! Our beloved King of Pop is the prime example and he was never without the influence of his rents even at 50 years old! I sure hope Britney can redeem herself and fast!