The theme for the Big Brother 2014 season hasn't officially been revealed. The latest rumor floating around on the internet is that it will be a "Veterans and Relatives" cast.

Our friends over at Big Brother Access are reporting that while searching on Twitter, this latest rumor came out:

That being said, let’s take a look at the latest Big Brother 16 rumors coming down from @corneroffice16 (account now mysteriously vanished since this post). According to the now vanished Corner Office, word is going around that the Big Brother 2014 cast will be a ‘relatives season’, including newbie & vet pairings. Rumored vets in negotiation to return supposedly include Rachel/Elissa, Dani/Dom, Dan/Chelsea, Frank/Sid, Kara and possibly Aaryn Gries. (Yeah, we really don’t think CBS would bring Aaryn Gries back.) Also, Danielle Reyes and her sister were allegedly “being talked about. However she was asking for WAY too much money.”


This of course is only a rumor, nothing has been released by CBS just yet.

If this was the case, would you still watch?