As we get closer to June 25th, more and more "spoilers" are being leaked about Big Brother. However, CBS is not confirming these, but has released a pretty big list. Check it out.

Once again, none of these are CONFIRMED by CBS yet, here's what's floating around in the rumor mill:

1) On the very first night — the time of arrival — the guests will each be called into the Diary Room where they’ll be asked to pull a name out of a hat (or something). The catch? The name they pull out of the hat will be their new partner for the duration of the game. Now, here’s where it gets interesting. There’s an incentive (there’s always an incentive in the game of BB!): If the partners take each other to the end, then they’ll receive an extra prize. Not too shabby, right?

This rumor is suggesting the game will deal with partners. Big Brother did this a while back with "perfect matches" during the big TV strike when CBS hosted a Big Brother season during the winter. Also, Big Brother has done something very similar with "coaches and teams".

2) BB16 is supposedly going to be a “relatives season,” with a healthy mix of newbies and veteran players. If this is the case, then get ready for an intense season. Because veterans are ALWAYS out for blood. They know how things work. And they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

This rumor ALWAYS floats around the internet. CBS hasn't hinted that returning players were coming back with relatives. Some of the former houseguests have been tweeting differently however, which personally, I think is to feed into the rumor fire.

3) One of the rumored couples is Rachel Reilly and her sister Elissa Reilly. You might remember Elissa from last season, which proved to be one of the most controversial seasons yet. She was a major source of tension in the house, especially after people discovered her relation to Rachel, the winner of BB13. If this couple really is introduced in BB16, then get ready for Team Annoying. But they definitely have the power to go far, as both are relatively strong players. However, there’s always the possibility that BB would put them against one another…

People HATE, I mean HATTTEEEEEE The Reilly sisters. I really don't think CBS would bring them back for another round.

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