Fall and autumn may be the last thing on your mind, and that's alright. However, autumn beer is never a bad thing. The F.X. Matt Brewing Co. has announced its lineup for this year’s Saranac 12 Beers A Falling.

According to Brew Central New York, this years pack includes core Saranac beers, annual favorites, and new innovative beers.

This year’s 12 Beers A Falling includes:

Harvest Ale (NEW) – A new addition, this beer is an unfiltered, light-bodied ale with a hint of tartness and a hop-forward citrusy aroma. Pair it with chicken, shellfish, and Camembert or fontina cheeses. (35 IBUs and 5 percent ABV)

Pumpkin Ale – This annual favorite, and 2011 European Beer Star gold medal winner, is back by popular demand. Pumpkin Ale features real pumpkin, cinnamon, allspice, and ginger for a full body and amber color. Pair it with fall-themed foods like butternut squash soup and pumpkin pie, and Stilton, aged cheddar or Gorgonzola cheeses. (15 IBUs and 5.1 percent ABV)

Octoberfest – Octoberfest is aged slowly in the Munich tradition and boasts a rich, malty taste that is balanced by Saphir and Mt. Hood hops. Pair it with hearty stews, wurst, and jalapeño jack cheese. (20 IBUs and 5.4 percent ABV)

Irish Red Ale – Carefully selected batches of Two Row malts are specially kilned and roasted to produce the wonderful caramel and toffee notes that accompany the rich color of this unique Irish Red Ale. Pair it with bangers and mash, corned beef and cabbage, burgers and jalapeño jack cheese. (17 IBUs and 4.5 percent ABV)

Pale Ale – A Saranac staple, this beer recently took gold in the pale ale category at the 2013 United States Open Beer Championship. This was the first competition Pale Ale was entered in after the brewery recently updated the brewing process for this classic favorite. Their new “Hop Infusion Process” maximizes beer to hop exposure for a fresher taste. This well-balanced beer has a crisp finish. Pair it with burgers, bread pudding and cheddar cheese. (32 IBUs and 5.5 percent ABV)

Black Forest – This German-style Schwarzbier is Saranac’s most-awarded beer. Brewed true to style with a deliciously sweet malty flavor, Black Forest skips the heavy roasted flavor most people expect in a dark beer. Pair it with pulled pork or hot sausage sandwiches and Muenster cheese. (20 IBUs and 5.3 percent ABV)

It's going to be an amazing fall!

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