Do you have a little cash burning a hole in your pocket? Do you feel like using it on some beer? How about one beer?

The Boston Brewing Company, which is the company behind Samuel Adams beer, also brews Samuel Adams Utopias premium beer, which costs $114.95. Pretty pricey for beer right? Well that’s if you are lucky enough to even get your hands on a bottle.

70 bottles of the 27 percent alcohol beer is being released in Canada, and they're holding a government-run lottery to see who gets it. Only 27, that’s why its so pricey!

The liquor board up there is setting up a telephone and online lottery in early January to find the 70 lucky winners.

"This is a really unique product. It's not something that's meant to be consumed like a beer," said one government official. "It really is more like a fortified wine.''