While you are crying at the gas pump with the ever-rising gas prices, consider this: As transportation costs start to build up everything will get more expensive. WalletPop.com has listed other things that are sure to get more expensive along with the price of gas. Here are a few of them:

1. Air travel: Prices have been up between 6% and 17% all year compared to the same time in 2009, and will likely go higher.

2. Fast food: Price increases haven’t been announced yet, but it’s safe to say that $0.20 or $0.30 more on your favorite menu items is possible. Depending on your orders and frequency, this could add up to a few hundred dollars a year.

3. Produce:

Rising produce prices have been a problem almost all year, and bad weather in Mexico is still depressing prices. Average nationwide prices for fresh produce were up 9.8% in March. You’ll continue to see especially high prices on tropical fruits and those vegetables that are out of season in your area.

3. Stamps for postcards and packages: There’s no such thing as free transportation and the USPS and its private competitors are going to have to pay more for trucking packages and mail. While regular first-class mail stamps will stay at 44 cents each, postcards will go up a penny; larger envelopes and packages will cost more per ounce, as will mail to some international destinations.

4. Beef and bacon: We’ve already seen indications that bacon prices will skyrocket this year; the raw ingredient for bacon, lean pork bellies, is up 50% so far this year. Even if we don’t see any other price pressures this year, the USDA predicts consumers will see 6.5% to 7.5% increase in the price of their meat.

5. Coffee: From Starbucks to Maxwell House, coffee prices are up as much as 56% since last year. The culprit is the skyrocketing price of green arabica beans due to unseasonable rains and frosts in Mexico and other tropical locales.

6. Orange juice: A victim of unseasonable freeze in Florida. Tropicana is raising prices on its orange juice. Prices are expected to go up from 4% to 8%, says Pepsi, its corporate parent.

7. Chocolate: With Middle East tensions, two years of bad weather in Florida and Mexico, rising transportation costs, dwindling supplies of pork bellies, and the rising cost of sugar, Hershey has raised wholesale prices for its chocolate by as much as 9.7%.