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Utica Woman Finds Knife in Fast Food Bag
Finding something in your fast food bag that doesn't belong isn't unusual. An errant fry with your onion rings or even a mistaken order. But you won't believe what a Utica woman found in hers. What's more shocking is how she was treated when she went in to complain.
McDelivery: McDonald’s Delivers Overseas – Are We Next?
So, not only are they enlarging your waistline but now they're not going to require you to burn the couple of calories that the drive to and from the restaurant would take. They'll come to you... Time for obesity to become even more of an epidemic than it already is...
Fascinating Fast Food Facts [VIDEO]
You can't go anywhere without seeing some sort of fast food restaurant. They're all over. Here's a question for you. What is the largest fast food chain in the world? You might be surprised by the answer. Here's another fast food question. Just how close are you to a McDonald's at any given time in …

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