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Gas Prices Going Down This Summer
To me, practically the biggest part of our summer fun, is the day trips that we take throughout the summer, whether it be up to Water Safari in Old Forge, or even a trek out west to Niagara Falls.
Gas Prices Continue To Fall
I can't remember the last time gas was close to being under $3 a gallon. I noticed the sign on my way to work this morning. Despite the drop at the pumps, Utica still sees higher prices that most of the nation. Even Syracuse has lower prices.
Why Gas Prices Are So High
Gas prices continue to climb approaching $4 a gallon in Central New York and over $5 in parts of the U.S. A lot of experts and politicans have offered their opinions on why the price of gas is so high and continues to skyrocket. One fuel company has taken its message of why the price of gas is so hi…
7 Things Guaranteed To Cost More As Gas Prices Go Up
While you are crying at the gas pump with the ever-rising gas prices, consider this: As transportation costs start to build up everything will get more expensive. has listed other things that are sure to get more expensive along with the price of gas...

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