Now if you’re trying to own one of the world’s best man caves, you need to make sure you have the best beer stocked up at your bar. Beer will make or break your bar. Poor nasty beer will make your friends never want to come back. So it stinks, but you need to coin up a few extra bucks for a great bar. If you want to have one of the rarest bars on planet Earth, you need to own the world’s oldest beer.

The world's oldest beer is currently for sale on eBay. Don’t get too excited, it’s going to cost you big time. I’m not talking 30 bucks for a case; I’m talking over $89,000 for one bottle. Bidding for a sealed bottle of Allsopp's Arctic Ale from 1852 (which is considered the "holy grail" of all ales) is currently at $89,900 (as of 7:05 AM on April 26th). If you want to just own it you can "buy it now" for just $155,000.

Let’s learn a little bit more about Arctic Ale before hitting bid:

Early in the spring of 1851, the British Admiralty, with guidance of HM Queen Victoria had contacted several brewers in England to compete in a contest to brew a special beer to withstand the rigors of the cold arctic climate. Several of the large breweries competed, like Bass, and Salt, but in the end, "Arctic Ale" by Samuel Allsopp's and Sons was awarded to supply the mission. Allsopp was located in the home of British brewing, Burton on Trent, famous for it's distinct brewing water and was home to as many as 40 different breweries in it's peak, brewing started in the St. Modwen's Abby  in the 11th century and continues to this day.”

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