Maybe you're team didn't make it into the Super Bowl. You're beginning to realize you may need to pick a team to root for in the Super Bowl. It's hard rooting for someone that isn't your team. Facebook will help you out by showing you who “Liked” an NFL team and they are figuring out who in Utica, Rome, and Oneida County that people are rooting for in the big game. Here's Facebook's Super Bowl Graph.

Facebook analyzed over 35 million people in the U.S. who have "Liked" an NFL team, and used that to figure out what team every county in the U.S. is rooting for.

First let's look at New York State:


Red: 49ers, Blue: Ravens. It appears our listening area is rooting for The 49ers. Is that true to you?

Now let's look at the entire country:


It looks like most of the U.S. Is rooting for the 49ers.

49ers fans dominate the West and the Ravens are the most popular in counties in the mid-Atlantic and Southern states.”

Once again, is that true to you?

Check out more nationwide Football maps of all 32 NFL teams from Facebook by Clicking Here.



[via Facebook]