Most women won't admit that they care about the car a man drives, but let's be honest, they're lying. The car you drive sends a signal to them the kind of money you're making and also your overall attitude toward life. Interesting right?

Here's a rundown from Yahoo! Shine of what your car says about you, according to a woman:

1) Hummer/Escalade/SUV- You're a thoughtless pig. Hopeless.

2) Honda Civic- You're practical, loving and smart. You're down to earth. A keeper.

3) Minivan- You're married.

4) BMW/Lexus/Infiniti- You're either a real estate agent or have something to prove.

5) Pick-up truck- You're an old-fashioned guy who treats the women in his life well.

Read the full story from Yahoo! Shine.

Do you think this has much truth to it?