Check Out This 1950 Ford Convertible
The Ford from start to finish has taken 15 years give or take to complete the car and like Dan says you never really finish. This year's project is to get the wiring on a fuse system and switch the gauges to digital for better accuracy.
Classic Car Tuesday- 1970 Dodge Charger
This car has been gone through several times back to front and painted several times as well starting with the color black that was on the car when she originally purchased back in '85.
5 Winter Items You Should Have Left in Your Vehicle [VIDEO]
Mother Nature played the ultimate April Fools prank on Central New York. Just because it was near 70 degrees and sunny on Easter, doesn't mean Winter is ever over here in the Mohawk Valley. If you were premature to welcome Spring you may have taken these five important items out of your ve…

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