If you didn't go to Comic-Con this year and are a fan of the Thor or Avengers movies, you're going to hit yourself because during a trailer set-up for the Thor sequel 'The Dark World', Tom Hiddleston showed up in full Loki costume and addressed a completely surprised crowd much like he would were his character actually real. Real or not, he had the crowd eating out of his hand and you are likely to follow! Watch this awesome spectacle!



The above video is edited, so here is the rest of what you missed picking up from where the vid you just saw left off...





Giant Robot Storms San Diego Comic Con 2013

Proving that there are no limits when a bunch of geeks get together, a giant 9-foot Mech was unveiled yesterday at the San Diego Comic Con. Putting in more than 2000-man hours and using the combined resources of WIRED, YouTube, Stan Winston Studios, Legacy Effects and Conde Nast Entertainment the extremely detailed and fully articulated mech will walk around Comic Con this year.