I dabble in RC helicopters a little and caught this insane demonstration of some serious skills as I was tooling around on the internet today. After picking my jaw up off of the floor I did a little research and found out who the pilot was. His name is Tareq Alsaadi and turns out (surprise, surprise) he is a God among RC operators. The way he manipulates his heli makes it seem like it's a dragonfly or something and if there were actually a little pilot in that cockpit, he probably lost his lunch in the first couple seconds of this 5min video. Watch him do his stuff and be amazed!



Not sure if Tareq is all that humble though as this was the caption he posted under this video on his Facebook page...

"my Gaui x7 Formula , easy flight .."

Ha! Right.


And here's another video of him with the same heli in case your mind isn't blown yet... This time in broad daylight




Pilot-less Commercial Airliners By 2015?

Maybe you're already gun-shy about flying already, well they're planning on instituting commercial airliners without their drivers by 2015... Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.