I am admittedly ignorant when it comes to politics and tend to pay attention when it suddenly affects me in some way directly. That happens rarely and I don't know if we have any say right nor or are just forced to watch as our American leaders decide whether or not to blast Syria with our missiles. Well, another world leader and current ally of ours has something to say to us and I'm just going to let Russian President, Vladimir Putin do the talking from here... It's very long but very worth the read! Gosh his words just RING of wisdom.


Sang Tan - WPA Pool /Getty Images

Recent events surrounding Syria have prompted me to speak directly to the American people and their political leaders. It is important to do so at a time of insufficient communication between our societies.

Relations between us have passed through different stages. We stood against each other during the cold war. But we were also allies once, and defeated the Nazis together. The universal international organization — the United Nations — was then established to prevent such devastation from ever happening again.

The United Nations’ founders understood that decisions affecting war and peace should happen only by consensus, and with America’s consent the veto by Security Council permanent members was enshrined in the United Nations Charter. The profound wisdom of this has underpinned the stability of international relations for decades...


[Read the full Letter to the The NY Times here]


Gene Simmons Of Kiss On President Obama Plans For Israel

Born in Israel under the name Chaim Witz, Gene Simmons, best know for his tongue and make up as the front man for Kiss, turned his sharp tongue on President Barack Obama and his recent comments about returning Israel to its 1967 borders. Parts of the interview have been bleeped out @#!#!