We've been warning you all month long that the end of the world may be near with our “Last Dash To Win Cash”. If you've been luck enough to grab some of the cash, you may need some supplies for the end of the world. What better way to spend the cash then to make sure you have a end of the world survival kit.

In Russia you can buy a End Of The World Kit for about $27 dollars. The kits include a bottle of vodka, some rope, a packet of buckwheat, a can of fish, candles, matches, notepad, pencil, heart and other medication, and soap. What would we put in our Utica End Of The World Kits?

Saranac 12 Beers of Winter


Everyone’s favorite winter variety package is back just in time for the end of the world. Where else can you get six award winning beers in one great holiday package? The package includes Saranac Belgian Pale Ale, Saranac 4059' Porter, Saranac Red IPA, Saranac Black Bear Bock, Saranac Big Moose Ale, and Saranac Chocolate Lager. Booze up before time runs out.

Dozen Half Moons From Holland Farms

Holland Farms

You're going to need to eat right? Why not chow down on a local favorite. Before December 21st make a trip over to Holland Farms. Holland Farms offers the traditional chocolate halfmoon cookie frosted with half chocolate and half vanilla icing. And yes, they make the same cookie in vanilla. Screw diets, eat the way you want before time runs out.

Case Of Adirondack Natural Spring Water


Water is a need for everyone. Why not drink the best? Adirondack is proud to offer you the finest spring water available. Wouldn't you want the best if its the last thing you drink?

Records From Off-Center Records

John Keller/Vinyl Keeper/Facebook

iPods are amazing, MP3 Players work great, and computers are nice. However, none of these will be of any value if the world ends. There will be no power to run these objects. After watching the Walking Dead the other night, I realized the potential of bringing Records back. Play the best music of the 60's and 70's before it gets too dark outside. Our friend John Keller over at Off-Center Records will hook you up with the best deals.

Coffee From The Utica Coffee Roasting Company

Utica Coffee Roasting Company

Lets face it, you're going to need a hot cup of Coffee. The Utica Coffee Roasting Company has a wide variety of brews for you to choose. It'd be dumb for you to not include this in your kit.


What else would you put in your Utica End Of The World Kit?