Try Water From A Box
We try to recycle our trash, repurpose furniture, and build with reclaimed wood. I will even opt for a greeting card made of recycled paper. I buy a lot of bottled water. As a family of two, we go through about a case a week, by the end of the year that’s a lot of plastic
There Is More To This State Than Just New York City
This is a great state for the adventurous thrill seeker, culture hound, and sports fan, remember Cooperstown is the HOME OF BASEBALL and the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Here are some ideas to help you enjoy the land simply called UPSTATE
One Of The Best ‘Swimming Holes’ Is In Upstate New York
Swimming holes.  When you hear those two words together,  your first thought is a hidden lake or pond somewhere that probably has a lonely tree beside it with a long branch that reaches so far out over the lake.  That branch probably has many ropes tied to it over the years, for the s…
Here’s Some Water You Don’t Need A Cup For [VIDEO]
Here it is folks, an edible water bottle.  Why do we not see more of this?  This is a brilliant idea.  You have to check out this video and tell me if you don't agree.  Might be a good idea for the Boilermaker road race, you think?  It certainly would help us cut down o…
Have You Been Making Ice Cubes Wrong All These Years? [VIDEO]
Apparently I, along with many others, have been making ice cubes the wrong way, or the slower way.  You would think that something as simple as filling up an ice cube tray wouldn't be that difficult, and it isn't, we've just been using the wrong temperature of water to fill them.

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