It seems that wine is a girls new best friend. So why wouldn't any woman want to turn an A cup into double Ds and drink their favorite beverage at the same time? From the pile of products men invented, introducing the WineRack

There slogan is “Better than a Boob Job and Cheaper Too!”. With a slogan like that why arent you picking up your phones already and ordering?

We developed The Winerack to “Fill Out” our product line if you will. Take a bottle of wine, a mixed drink or even a fifth of your favorite hard stuff to the movies, concerts, ball games, even PTA meetings. Sporting a rack that will turn heads and serving a beverage that will have guys standing in line for a sip of your secret stash! With simple blow into the tube it's easy to keep that full look even as you drink from your secret stash.”

What are some more features you ask?


-Very comfortable sports bra available in versitile black.

-Polyurathane bladder holds over 750ml or 25oz. of your favorite beverage.

-Drinking tube long enought to route as you wish.

-Easy to use on/off valve to control the flow.

-Small Size best for 32A thru 34B. See Tech Specs for sizing chart.

-Design optimized for smaller cup sizes”


If you need anymore convincing like this is a good gift idea for Christmas, check out this video.

The WineRack will cost you only a smooth $30 Bucks.