It's going to be a long hot lonely summer without the Walking Dead. Sure we could try watching it in Black and White but ain't nobody got time for dat! You could go a smarter and easier route to get your Walking Dead fix, try Twitter. Twitter is full of Walking Dead Parody accounts that will make you either laugh, or say the following phrase out loud "How stupid can people be!". Either way, these accounts provide laughter when we need it most. Which Walking Dead Parody accounts should you follow? Try these:

Milton aka @MiltonMamet

Milton may have dropped dead on the show and tried to eat Andrea, but he's alive and kicking online. This account will provide some laughs, and also eye brow twitches. Warning though, don't call this account lame. It will go on a rampage, cry a little, and eventually move on.


Sassy Shane Walsh aka @SassyShaneWalsh

Who knew Shane could be so Sassy? This account will provide the sassier side of Shane before he decided sleeping with his best friends wife.


Maggie Greene aka @Maggie_TWD

This account has the fight like Maggie, but is just a parody. Apparently this person is in love with the real Maggie Greene aka Lauren Cohan... But I guess nothing is wrong with that.


Walking Dead Problems aka @WalkingDeadPrbs

This by far is my favorite account to follow for big laughs. The Walking Dead Problems account tells it how it is, and makes fun of all cast and story lines.