While you're watching Rick and the gang kill Walkers each and every Sunday on AMC's “The Walking Dead” you might start to realize that Andrea gets around. Recently she's been seen sleeping with the Gov, and that's been only the start. She has an attraction to bad men, but in real life she's truly a sweetheart. Meet Laurie Holden aka Andrea on “The Walking Dead”. 

Laurie was born in Los Angeles on December 17th. I won't tell you when in the risk of her shooting my head off, I've seen her skills with a gun! She currently holds dual citizenship in both the U.S. and Canada because she was raised in Toronto. Her parents were actors too. Her father Glen Corbett (aka Lawrence Holden) was in many movies throughout the 1950's and her mother Adrienne Ellis held many different roles through out the early 1960's.

Laurie is a graduate of U.C.L.A, and she's even a member of the National Honor Society. She's been the recipient of the prestigious Natalie Wood Acting Award. She is currently enrolled at Columbia University where she is acquiring her Master of Human Rights degree.


Her most notable roles include starring opposite Jim Carrey in Frank Darabont's film “The Majestic” in 2001. Remember she played Carrey's long lost love? It's by far one of my favorite movies!  In 2002, she played her role of Marita Covarrubias for the final episode of The X-Files. Other memorable roles include such hits as Fantastic Four (2005) (where she played Michael Chiklis' former love interest), playing cult hero Cybil Bennett in Christophe Gans' artistic-horror video game adaptation of "Silent Hill" and co-starring as Amanda Dumfries opposite Marcia Gay Harden and Thomas Jane in Stephen King's “The Mist” . In 2008, Holden starred as Olivia Murray in FX's critically acclaimed series The Shield.

Laurie is probably best known curretnly as TV's Andrea on AMC's The Walking Dead. Andrea was a civil rights lawyer and one of the main characters of the TV Series. She kicks butt and takes names! She's better with a rifle now, and can knock a walker down to the ground faster then most men. We hope she watches out for the Gov though, he looks like trouble!


Now you know a little bit more, may sure you check out “The Walking Dead” as much as you possibly can on AMC.





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