Looking to buy that special redneck of yours a Christmas gift? Need some ideas? Try some of these gems:

Enviro-Cool V-Tex Freezer

Every redneck needs some beer, and every redneck needs cold beer. Try buying this cooler that gets beer cold in about 45 seconds.


A Can Of WD-40


According to a Redneck Report, WD-40 has over 2000 different uses. WD-40 removes sap, tar, adhesives, labels and tape from surfaces without damaging existing paint. Every handyman redneck will have this on their list.


Mounted Deer Head

Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

You can find these gems real cheap at garage sales, estate sales, Craigslist, and of course eBay.


Dale Earnhardt Bumper Stickers

Jon Ferrey / Allsport / Getty Images

What redneck would drive around town without the greatest Redneck bumper sticker, a "Earnhardt for President" sticker? Why not! You can grab one off of eBay for a steal of $14.99.


Redneck Lingerie

Richard Ellis/Getty Images

You could make some out of duct tape, or use a Confederate flag.

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