Camden Named One Of The Most Redneck Cities In New York
When you use the term "Redneck" it can be viewed one of two ways: 1) an insult, 2) a major compliment. In the case of Camden, and this story, you can decide whether or not its a compliment. Recently, Camden was named the 10th most Redneck City in New York State.
Polly Practices Corn Hole For Redneck Games [VIDEO]
Are you ready for the Redneck Games Sunday July 21st at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds? Gates open at 1pm and the games begin after opening ceremonies at 1:15pm.  There's something for everyone, including corn hole.  Don't know how to play?  Watch Polly Wogg practice.
Amazing Redneck Innovations Part 2 [Photos]
Now that the rescheduled Redneck Games is this weekend, we thought we'd throw you a second round of so-called 'innovations' from our friends at TheChive to inspire you to come or at the very least give you some creative ideas that you may not've thought of being that your collar …