New York Yankee Derek Jeter is closing in on getting his 3,000th hit. When he gets it, he'll be the first Yankee in the 3,000-hit club, and only the 28th player in history to achieve the milestone. He's a Yankee, so he gets a ton of publicity. Many people (not yours truly) wonder if he's over-rated.

I don't think so. Jeter is a solid player for the team and gets the job done. There has been a ton of overrated players throughout sports history. Along with that there has been a lot of under-rated.

Here's a rundown from of some of the most under-rated sports stars of all time:

Lenny Moore- He was once the most feared running back in the league. He averaged an insane 4.8 yards per carry and 16.6 yards per catch out of the backfield. There has never really been another player like him since.

Dennis Rodman- While people remember that he was a nutcase, they forget that he was one of the best rebounders in the history of the NBA. He led the league in rebounding seven straight seasons and averaged over 13 boards per game over his career. Also he is rocking five championship rings.

Ted Williams- Too many he was simply the greatest hitter who ever lived. He led the league in batting average six times, including a season in which he hit .406. Nobody's hit over .400 since. His numbers could have been even better if he didn't spend three full seasons serving in World War II and two other seasons serving in the Korean War.

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(Photo by Ted Williams/Facebook)

Who do you feel is under-rated?