If you’re like my Dad you might think you can buy anything on eBay. Well that’s not entirely true. Even eBay has standards and won’t sell everything. They actually refuse a variety of items on their website. Here’s a rundown of the Top 5 Things You Can’t Buy/Sell On eBay.

Prison Uniforms

So maybe for Halloween you were thinking you’d love to go as a prisioner and an officer with your wife or girlfriend. Well you better stick to buying your uniform off of eBay, you won’t find an authentic one online here.


Magic Potions

So if you sat in Professor Snape’s Potion Class in the world of Harry Potter brewing Polyjuice potion, you better keep it away from eBay. Small vials of liquid being sold to help you defeat "demons" or improve your luck are forbidden.



Regardless of what religion or non-religion you may be I’m guessing you've probably never considered the act of praying as something you could actually sell. Well someone thought it’d be a smooth profit, and eBay didn’t feel the same.


Psychic Readings

If you were hoping Miss Cleo would tell you your fortune for a smooth ten bucks on eBay, you’re wrong.


The Book If I Did It by O.J. Simpson

One would think the eBay was trying to take a stand in the O.J. trial and stand up and tell the world that “O.J. killed her and we won’t have him on our site!” eBay has placed the book under the umbrella of "items related to violent felons," and therefore cannot be sold on its site. You can still find it on Amazon!


What’s the most bizarre item you’ve ever bought online?


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