Like normal for all of us that have purchased iPhone 5's, the new 5S is coming out and the highly-protected feature list will be officially confirmed. But not only are they releasing one new phone, but try TWO! We're expecting a few new features on the 5S compared to the 5 but the biggest of those is an actual fingerprint reader! That's right, science fiction once again leads the way becomes reality in the palms of our hands.


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Besides the fingerprint reader you can expect a better camera and a faster processor, but in terms of hardware improvements, that's about it. So, what's this whole iPhone 5C thing? Isn't one phone enough?

Apple needed to replace it's aging (and cheaper option) 4S's with something else and the 5C is the answer. It's got a plastic casing and comes in a few colors, but as far as we can tell, this phone is basically a repackaged 5. What about the software though?

Apple usually releases a new OS announcement with every new hardware improvement too. iOS7 is probably the biggest news because the hardware on these new phones hasn't changed much. But this new system is the biggest change to iPhone since it first came out back in 2007! For starters, the interface is going to be cleaner (Apple seems to be all about this) and flatter, meaning it's not 3D like the current one is.

There is also a new swipe UP menu to go along with the swipe down menu that includes all of the settings you would commonly tweak on your phone like WIFI, airplane mode, etc. Multitasking is also a cool new feature that allows you to see not only all of the apps you have open but a preview of where you left off in that app too... Neat! SIRI's getting upgraded too and will sound different and will actually produce search results instead of playing dumb much of the time like she does now. Look for the new iOs on your phones later this fall.


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