It's been awhile since we talked about iPhone because there really hasn't been much to talk about since the relative flop of the iPhone 5, but this morning we got word that the iPhone 6 is only a short 6 months away: come the start of the 2013-2014 school year in September!



Now truth be told after all of my iPhone 5 hype, I still tote around the 4... I was worried about the fragile-ness of the current iPhone and didn't feel the improvements were enough to shell out three hundos for the thing. But now, the new 6 will be building on the 5 and I'm definitely ready to trade this bad boy in. Here are some of the new iPhone 6 features that we THINK are on the way:


  • Wireless Charging? - Now this sounds cool, I go through those dang cables like changing underwear!
  • 4.9 x 5.5" Screen - As long as it still fits in the pocket of my jeans
  • The Return Of Google Maps! - Th ill conceived maps app on the previous iPhone ticked us all off, thank you Apple for fixing up this numbskull move
  • Face Recognition And Gesture Security - Face recog is cool, but Android has been doing the gesture thing for years, time to jump on the bandwagon right?
  • Custom Email And SMS Alerts / Indicator Light - The ancient Blackberry had  a message light that wasn't like a club strobe going off and for all of Apple's advances, it's nice to see custom email and sms alerts, finally!
  • Shatter-Resistant Glass! - FINALLY! - The biggest peeve of iPhone users about to go byebye? Now dropping your phone won't lead to a mini-heart attack every time
  • 10 Megapixel Back Camera and 8MP Front - Eh, I can barely tell the difference between cameras but a better front one would be nice (and maybe a flash too for all of those candids with your pals while you're out on the weekend?
  • Extended Battery Life - Really?? I keep hearing this will improve but it just keeps getting worse...
  • Full 1080p HD Recording AND 3D Video Recording / Display - Again I can't tell a huge dif between this and the iPhone 5, and 3D?? Does that mean TRUE 3D glasses-wearing 3D??
  • Flash Player For Safari! - This one is a biggy and it's nice to see Google and Apple playing nice again, no more "you can't view this website because you suck and don't have flash" messages
  • A Zillion Colors - Yeahy, besides the standard white and black, say hello to silver, red, blue and yellow. Although cant you get endless colors wit a case?
  • New A7 Processor Or Dual A6's - Every phon always starts off fast until you start loading it with stuff so this apparent benefit will be short-lived.