She still owes the IRS more than 16,000 dollars and on top of that a facility in L.A. plans to auction off her storage locker because of thousands of dollars in unpaid fees. Her are some things you could find in that locker.1.  IRS forms that were never turned in.

2.  Her rap sheet which is probably as thick as a New York City phone book.

3.  Prison notes from Wesley Snipes.

4.  Stolen jewelery that was never found.

5.  A rack full of Fur Coats with the tags still on them.

6. A head light from each one of the cars she wrecked.

7. And finally, how about a shoe box full of failed drug test reports.

All kidding aside, the locker could be worth a small fortune to someone. TMZ reports that the unit is full of designer clothes, family heirlooms, and some personal items that could be somewhat embarrassing.