Expectant fathers are excited, nervous, confident and always open to receiving advice. While a lot of advice will be offered, there are some things that no one will warn you about.

Here are the 10 things according to Ask Men.com that new dads will find out the hard way:

10) Your wife will turn into a monster.
9) Your entire music collection will be replaced by kids' music.
8) You will hate going to the grocery store.
7) Your single friends will disappear from your life.
6) Your car will become a mess.
5) Your wife will take three-times longer than you thought to lose the weight.
4) Everything you own will smell like baby vomit.
3) Your Friday nights will be spent cleaning the carpets.
2) Most of the conversations you have with your wife will be about poop.
1) You won't be having sex for a while.

What else should be added to the list?