It's said that blondes have more fun and redheads are better in bed, but brunettes are the ones that guys really want. has compiled a list of 10 actual studies that explain why men really prefer brunettes and here’s the results.

10) Men who like women with tattoos think body art looks best on brunettes.
9) Men view brunettes as more worldly and mature.
8) Brunettes are believed to be more self-sufficient.
7) Brunettes are perceived as more serious.
6) Brunettes are seen as being less temperamental.
5) Brunettes are thought to be more capable in the professional world.
4) Brunettes earn more money.
3) Brunettes are perceived as more intelligent.
2) Men feel more successful with a brunette by their side.
1) Brunettes are viewed as marriage material.

Why do you prefer Brunettes?