Every game in the NFL offers different things to root for such as: players, coaches and teams. Also it offers those same things to root against. It's the battle of good versus evil every single weekend. Some teams and players are loved, while others are truly hated.

According to BleacherReport.com, here's a rundown of some of the least popular NFL personalities:

Tom Brady- There is no doubt that people are tired of "Tom Terrific" and are rooting against him. For some reason I just hate Tom Brady, I think he's a tool bag.
Adrian Peterson- His stock plummeted during the off-season lockout when he compared NFL players to slaves.
Terrell Owens- Currently a man without a team, fans just can't stand him anymore.
Rex Ryan- The coach of the New York Jets is a rare guy in that he wants to be hated, so he's constantly in the press making arrogant and harsh statements.
Who do you hate in the NFL? Why do you hate them?