Here in Utica we don't just have a normal boring mayor, we have the everyday man's mayor, Rob Palmieri. We are lucky he documents all his mayor adventures on Facebook.

The Getting Down Picking Up Garbage Mayor

He's not going to let that trash pollute the city!


The Construction Mayor

Our mayor can run construction equipment, Top that Rome!


The Go To Jail Mayor

He's not afraid to go behind the bars for charity.


The Gardener Mayor

He's got a green thumb.


The Hockey Fighting Mayor

Even our mayor can get down and dirty on the ice.


The Mayor Of Bedrock

Fred Flintstone has casted his vote for Rob Palmieri. Also that is a bone and we are happy to see him!


The Lumberjack Mayor

Did he really just put that chainsaw over his head?


The Street Sweepin' Mayor

Blowing away the competition.


The Shoveling Mayor

This guy isn't afraid to shovel wearing dress shoes and a tie.


The..... We don't know what to title this one.....Mayor

What is he driving and doing?


The Musical Mayor

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