Why Do Singers Speak With Accents But Don’t Sing With Them?
Yes indeed that's Bono singing in front of American flags, and he sounds perfectly Irish in an interview but when he sings, I'd pass him off for pure-blooded American!  Ever wondered why that is? And how come country singers have no problem at all singing with their accent? Hmmm....
Elmira Under State Of Emergency
Even though Chemung County is a little out of our listening area, the city’s Emergency Management Office is reporting a tornado came through Elmira yesterday (Thursday) after 4pm causing significant damage.
Honey, They Shrunk Our… Snacks?!?
Remember walking in to your old elementary school and sitting at your desk and somehow not being able to fit?  Obviously there's an easy explanation for that, you're twice as tall as you were in the 5th grade, but how do you explain looking at that Little Debbie package in your hand and thinking, di…
Big Brother 14- First Veto Challenge
There has been nothing but tension and drama inside the Big Brother house this year. With last night’s episode on CBS, it seems extremely apparent. Let’s dive into our full recap.
Star Wars Version Of Call Me Maybe
It has to be the song of the summer. ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen. You’ve probably heard it spoofed more times then you may have actually heard the actual song. Well now it seemed to have slipped its way into a galaxy far far away.

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