There has been nothing but tension and drama inside the Big Brother house this year. With last night’s episode on CBS, it seems extremely apparent. Let’s dive into our full recap.

Coach Drama

Even the Big Brother coaches are causing drama of their own. Boogie approached Britney and Janelle to try and align with them. He tells Janelle if him, Janelle and Britney align they can knock Dan out. Janelle has played with Boogie before and knows his tricks. Janelle doesn't buy it for a second. She likes the idea of breaking up the Dan/Boogie alliance. She decides to tell Dan everything Boogie said about him. Dan now has it out for Boogie as well. As usual, Boogie is not worried at all


First Veto Challenge Of The Season

The Power was up for grabs. Our players in the challenge were Frank, Kara, Shane, Willie, Danielle and Wil. The host of the festivities, JoJo, invites everyone to the veto competition called Loose Change. Each player had to race through soapsuds to find the large coins worth anywhere from 5 cents to a dollar and toss them in the vending machine slot. The first person to score $1.30, wins the Golden Power of Veto. The winner of our first power of veto as announced in our spoilers was….




Veto Meeting

After giving both Kara and Frank one last chance to plead their case, Shane announces that he will not be using the P.O.V. Kara and Frank both plan to fight to stay in the house. Tune in on Thursday at 9/8c to see who the second houseguest voted out of the Big Brother house will be.


Dave’s Prediction

I’m still extremely confident that Kara is going home. Frank will be able to build some sort of alliance and keep himself safe. He’s a very strong competitor and deserves to stay in the game. Kara just seems extremely useless. I know that sounds awful to say, but she sounds truly useless. I’d get ride of her this week, and keep the strong competitors in the house. If I was anyone like Shane, Joe, or Willie, I’d expect more alliance pleads.  As for coaches, I feel it’s only a matter of time they are introduced into the game. I have a strong feeling it’s going to happen, and so do the houseguests. It’s only a matter of time, and we will see in time.