DIY Exercise Ball Office Chair
Whether you call it an exercise ball, a fitness ball, a yoga ball or a balance ball, we have all seen it at the gym. People exercise and stretch on it. But, how many people do you know use an exercise ball as an office chair? An exercise ball office chair not only helps your posture, but it has the …
Men Have Dirtier Offices
I love how women claim men are disgusting. They think we are just full of germs and disease. But, is there any truth in saying men are disgusting? Perhaps this will answer it.
It’s Administrative Professionals Day
April 25th, Administrative Professionals' Day.  Do you have one in your office?  Not just another holiday invented by the greeting card companies to sell more stuff and definitely not just for secretaries anymore.
Is Your Office Making You Sick?
You may think staying indoors would be better for your lungs, but a new study finds Americans face the bulk of our health risks not from smoggy outside air — but from potentially toxic substances in our office air.