If any of us ever said that we are always 100% productive at work every single day would be making an absolute false statement.  Would you disagree?  Think about it.  A survey conducted by our favorite job search site, CareerBuilder, one in eight people waste HALF their workday.  Can you believe that?  Don't tell the boss.  At least 62% of waste at least an hour a day.  Here's what's distracting you.....and me!

1.)  34% of people said talking to co-workers about non-work-related stuff was the biggest distraction.  We don't do that, do we?

2.)  22% said the Internet.  Internet?  What is this internet that you speak of?

3.)  18% said loud co-workers distracted them most.  We all have one or more of those!

4.)  17% blamed personal calls or email.

5.)  15% said office drama.  Wouldn't be an office without it.

6.)  11% said daydreaming.  Ah, the great escape!

7.)  7% said gossip.  He said, she said.

8.)  2% said watching television in the break room.  Yeah, if we had a TV in the breakroom.

9.)  Here's the best one...4% said . . . not understanding HOW to do their work.  Wow!  Really?

So how are you distracted at work?