NBA Set to Cancel Another Two Weeks of Season Due to Lockout
Having already axed the first two weeks of the basketball season due to a standoff with players, NBA officials will announce that another two weeks will be canceled, according to the New York Daily News.
That’s another 102 games off the schedule, and will keep the season from starting…
Kobe Bryant Likely to Play in Italy During NBA Lockout [VIDEO]
Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant, 33, has reached a verbal deal to play in Italy during the NBA lockout, said Italian team Virtus Bologna.
“There’s still some things to arrange but at this point I’m very optimistic. I would say it’s 95 percent done,” Virtus president Claudio Sabatini told a local …
Will the NBA Draft Be Expanded to Three Rounds?
The NBA may be in lockout mode, but that doesn’t mean league activities have stopped. Owners have proposed adding a third round to the annual draft, which could lead to even more sweeping changes to the annual event, according to The goal is to create a more competitive balance o…

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